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Conventional Home Loan

Less Paperwork and Faster Closing Times

What Is A Conventional Home Loan

  • A conventional loan is one where the lender assumes all the risk on the loan as compared to a government-backed loan where a lender guarantee is provided.
  • A conventional loan is the most common loan type in today’s marketplace and every mortgage company offers a conventional mortgage.

Key Benefits Of A Conventional Loan

  • More competition for conventional loans creates more competitive rates
  • Conventional loans aren't limited by borrower type, location or loan amount
  • Conventional loans are offered in both fixed and adjustable rate loans
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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

A credit score that is at least 700, is what you should shoot for here as a minimum. Your objective should be 740. With a credit score of 740+ the best rates and deals will be available to you.  If you pull your credit and your score is below 740, take the time to improve it if you can. The time will definitely pay for itself in the form of lower interest rates.

If you are looking for a conventional loan, you may need to include a guarantor if you do not have a long credit history. The guarantor is a third party who signs onto the loan and guarantees to pay if you default. A guarantor can also lower your risk profile and get you a better interest rate: They are often used as a strategy as well as a fulfillment.

Fees for inspections and appraisals will need to be escrowed. Even though you can most likely roll these costs into the loan they will need to be escrowed up front.

Government loans have many benefits upfront, Lower down payment requirements and not so strict on the credit requirements are certainly appealing. However, if you meet the criteria for a conventional home loan, you pay tens of thousands of dollars if not hundreds of thousands over the term of the loan.

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