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Palm harbor mortgage loan

Palm Harbor Florida is one of the larger mid-sized towns that sits on the ocean or by an inlet in the state. Palm Harbor has a population of over 58,000 people located in fifteen different neighborhoods and is the 46th community by size in Florida.  The demographic workforce makeup is that 88% of the workforce in Palm harbor works in a white collar job which is substantially over the national average.  It is interesting to note that over 16% of the workforce work in office and and admin jobs while sales and management boasts another 25% of the Palm Harbor workforce.

The percentage of employment here that work in computers and math is higher than in over 95% of all other places in the US.. One of the most distinctive economic points of interest is that almost 9% of the workforce works from their home. The percentage of residents that hold an advance degree is higher than most other parts of the country.

Palm Harbor is a nautical town and some parts of it touch the ocean and a number of inlets and bays. 

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As of late 2019 there are over 650 homes for sale in Palm Harbor Florida. The median listing price is just over $300,000. For the best home loan rates in Palm harbor Apply Here!  To search homes in Palm Harbor Florida click on Palm Harbor listings Here!

Palm Harbor Real Estate Sale VS Rent Prices

Median Home Sales Price

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Median Rent Palm Harbor

Palm Harbor median rent

Palm harbor boast both a great place to live for those looking to relocate and a great place to invest in real estate.
With everything Florida has to offer from the water (Honeymoon Island State Park) to Kayaking, golf, tennis and an easy commute
to Tampa.  Area Experts Below.

Refinance and Mortgage Home Loan Expert Advice

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Benefits Of Flipping Real Estate

The obvious benefits sought from  flipping real estate is profit.  This is one incredibly tangible benefit, particularly when the profits are large and quick to come

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